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Night Market in Pattaya

After Bangkok, Pattaya is perhaps Thailand’s major destination for shopping obsessives. Book your flights to Thailand to experience best shopping. Pattaya has several markets selling all kinds of stuffs including apparels, used mobile phones, footwear, fruits, fresh food items, etc. Many markets have stalls in the open air while, some are open on specific days. […]

Adventurous trip to Nepal

Adventurous trip to Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country surrounded by the borders of India and China. Every year zillions of tourists come here and visit the diverse exotic locales of Nepal. Most of the tourists book their flights earlier to avoid last moment hassle. The tourism in Nepal comprises of its unearthly mountain backdrop and also it is […]

History of hotel in Chelsea in New York

Since the opening of Chelsea Hotel in New York, there have been a lot of stories with every room known specifically for its own story. The building is located on the West 23rd street which had iron balconies and an expansive staircase at the time of their first move. It was built in 1873. It […]