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Places to visit in Bhutan

bhutan.jpgIt is easy to book your flight to Bhutan in cheap rates. Numerous travel agencies offer great packages with heavy benefits. Most of the tourists prefer advance booking to save their time, money and efforts. Bhutan is the great place to visit in India. Thinking about Bhutan reminds us of the olive green valleys, snow-capped high mountain ranges, icy climate and striking tradition and culture. This wonderful country is verged from the east of Arunachal Pradesh in the East, West of Nepal, and North of the Tibet. You cannot afford to ignore this place if you are visiting India for the very first time. There are so many things and places to see in Bhutan including temples, valleys, handicraft emporiums, monuments, Chukha Hydel Project and religious foundations.

1. Paro

It is a small village town with some stores, hotel and a cafeteria. Paro Dzong and Ta Dzong also have the National Museum and are considered to be among the places of awareness. In 1651, Ta Dzong was set up as a watch tower. It is a six-storey building with numerous items of religious and cultural importance, along with a collection of thankas.

2. Thimpu

Thimpu is an open valley capital of Bhutan territory and is one of the eye-catching, hygienic, small towns surrounded by high mountain ranges along with the Thimphu Chu in its Eastern side. The set up area is stretched for approximately 3km and is generally of established houses with 20,000 of inhabitants. It is the central area of attraction for tourists.

3. Flora & Fauna

Bhutan is precisely known as a wonderland for botanists’. It has an enormous range of the floral kinds that consist of the national flower blue poppy, rhododendrons, rare orchids, junipers, carnivorous plants, magnolias, tropical trees, edelweiss, gentian, high-altitude plants, medicinal plants, giant rhubarb, Daphne, pine and oak.

4. Tashichhodzong

Tashichhodzong is very popular for serving the office of the King, ministers and various government societies. The fortress is also a centre of operations for the elementary organization of Bhutan. The spiritual leader of Bhutan and the monks of both Thimphu and Punakha exist in here throughout the summer season. It is also the place for Thimphu Festival in the fall season.

5. Phajoding Temple

A saint popularly known as Shacha Rinchen established the temple in the 15th century and is located at the height of approximately 12,138 feet, administering the Thimphu Valley. Close to the temple is countless withdraw houses for the people who arrive here and spent around 3 years in withdrawing. The place offers a great view to its travellers.

6. Phuentsholing


Many travellers arriving in Bhutan over land enter in the edging town of Phuentsholing, from the neighbouring Indian city of Jaigaon. The moment you cross the border, you will experience the variation in the amount of pureness. It is uniquely beautiful to feel the vibes of this place. There are plenty of destinations to visit here such as Kharbandi Gompa, established in 1967 by the Royal Grandmother; the monastery comprising paintings on the life of Buddha and sculptures of Shubdrung Nawang Namgyal and Guru Rinpochey.

7. Zangdo Pelri Temple

This sacred place is located in the heart of Phuntsholing town. It characterizes the house of Guru Rinpochey. On the ground level there are sculptures of Guru and his eight Appearances. And the dividing wall is surrounded with paintings of the life of Buddha. On the next floor, there are as many as eight Bodhisattvas and figures of Avalokiteshwara and Shubdrung Nawang Namgyal however, on the top floor the leading statue of Buddha Amitabha is placed.

8. Taktsang Temple

The way towards the monastery encompasses attractive pine forest, a lot of the trees garlanded with Spanish moss and a sporadic stand of waving prayer flags. This is one of the most beautiful views to capture in eyes and cameras. You can enjoy the remaining Taktsang monastery after taking some rest in nearby restaurants.

9. Punakha

It is sited at the height of 4430 feet above the sea level. At one time Punakha had functioned as the winter capital of Bhutan. This place is still being used as the winter home to many of the religious leaders in Bhutan and the monks of Thimphu and Paro. It is blessed with modest temperature and nourished by Pho Chu and Mochu rivers. It is the greatest productive valley and produces best red rice in the country.

10. Tongsa

Tongsa is one of the crucial centres of the nation. It is earlier the place from where the efforts of bonding the country were launched. The massive spread of the incredible landscape revolving Tongsa would give an impression of the picture perfect place.

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