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Night Market in Pattaya

shutterstock_78194515After Bangkok, Pattaya is perhaps Thailand’s major destination for shopping obsessives. Book your flights to Thailand to experience best shopping. Pattaya has several markets selling all kinds of stuffs including apparels, used mobile phones, footwear, fruits, fresh food items, etc. Many markets have stalls in the open air while, some are open on specific days. These markets can be very congested. Of them, Pattaya’s night market is the best. This market is titled as Thepprasit Market. It is accessible during the night time. There is an extensive range of items for travellers to select and buy. This night market appears to be the biggest night market at Pattaya. It is also popular because of the availability of cheap products in the market. That is the reason why so many people across the world come and visit this Pattaya night market.

Thepprasit Night Market has been set up by Muang Pattana Co. Ltd in the year 1999. The purpose of establishing this market is to develop the hub of product obtainable in Eastern Thailand. There is also an additional benefit associated with the establishment of this market. Its purpose is to meet the expectations of the visitor by offering food cuisine of as many as four regions of Thailand at one place.

The most common types of products available at Thepprasit Night Market are ultra-stylish clothes, well-crafted handbags, trendy designer watch collection (branded and fake both), cool sneakers, home-decor items, and many more. The alternative options available here are IT and Pet Sections.  IT Section features fresh and second hand cell phones, mp3 players, and other electronic gadgets, whereas in Pet Section you can find different breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes and several more. You can even stop there to experience an outdoor Thai massage.

The unlimited shopping range can be very puzzling for the inexperienced or those who are coming here for the first time. So, it is better to surf the internet before to enjoy shopping at Thailand’s night markets. Remember that retailers are very keen to sell their products to those who buy in bulk. Make sure you buy things in bulk along with your friends. This will save your money for sure.

A large food court is another most exciting option available in Pattaya as a wide range of delightful dishes, desserts, and fruits are offered to support a crowd visiting there. Apart from a variety of products available, this night market occasionally organizes activity to enjoy visitors, like Thai Traditional Music Contest and different kinds of musical and dance concerts. You can easily find a variety of products and shows at one stop place that is in this Thepprasit Market.

The market is arranged only for 3 nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 05.00 pm to 11.00 pm in Jomtien. However, the peak time is from 07.00 pm to 09.00 pm and although the closing time of market is at 11.00 pm, shop keepers start packing at 10.00 pm.

Many cute pretty Thai girls roam in the grounds looking to steal good deals on falongs / Farangs. There is even a beer bar where you can comfortably sit and watch the action. It is a must see place if you are coming here for the first time.

The Thepprasit Night Market is located at Thepprasit Road, where it is just 300 meters far from Sukhumvit Road. Tourists can also see outlet mall and South Pattaya Tesco Lotus on the Sukhumvit Road as they are very close to the market. Visitors can reach there by a Song Thaew or a motorcycle taxi. The outlet Mall features original branded clothes at discount prices.

Always remember that there is generally no money-back warrantee system if you are shopping here in an open market. However, department stores might follow this system. So, think twice before you make your final purchases. Unrealistically cheap products can make you a fool. Also, in Pattaya, many shops and stores do not accept credit cards. Hence, keep some cash along with you not only to save your money but also to avoid credit fraud, which is very common in Thailand.

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