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Top 5 winter places

Winters though harsh can be made entertaining with a list of winter activities such as having a snowball fight with your friends and relatives, making a snow angel or even the weirdest activities like getting hold of snowflakes on your tongue. Winter is the peak season promoting the growth of tourism with high figures.  It is the time when people come out to enjoy the outdoor adventures, shopping and dining with your closed ones.

It is very important that we rather getting bored sitting inside our houses sipping coffee or tea, discover the best cities for winter vacations where we can engage ourselves with the most amusing activities. It is a necessity to turn the fun a little bit for your own benefit. These are the best travel destinations for winters where you can enjoy the hot drinks on froze lakes adding romantic elements to your evenings.

Prague, Czech Republic

ImageIt is situated in the north-west part of the country. The most beautiful features of the city are to be seen in the forms of the captivating architecture which gets shielded with the snow flakes. Street lamps are the additional charm enlightened throughout the city. You can enjoy the best of the climate in the cafes out there supplying you with enormous warmth.

Salzburg, Austria

ImageWith Christmas carols and shopping streets, it comes up as a sweet treat in winters especially on Christmas Eve. You can enjoy a number of delicacies in a traditional cottage with your family. The food here is completely Austrian with a few inventions.

Tromso, Norway

ImageIt is Norway’s most captivating city especially known for its northern lights. It also has bewitching historical museum making it an informational winter trip. The food here is modest mainly famous for serving shellfish.



ImageYou can tram around the city with the Dutch ice skate on the canals. It is a typical Dutch activity. You can enjoy the outdoor activities with extensive art scenes. If skating is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy riding a bike all around the city. Ladies can bring a good suitcase with them that can be packed up numerous shopping bags from the flea markets.

Nagano, Japan


The highlight of this place is the sky resorts and the enticing snow-covered Buddhist temples giving you detailed information about the ninjas who lived there long time back.

The dreary, cold and grim winters can be made heartwarming if we choose the best destinations for the winter vacations. Your checklist can fill up your check-list with winter fun activities. Winter has got nothing to do with only occupying the indoors at your place.  It is the best when you enjoy yourself freezing outside only a bit taking care of yourself with natural cold and regular ailments.

It’s time for you to get out of your cozy environment and feel the cold months of winters with a daring spirit. Ready? Do not worry about airfares. Mann Travel offers cheap flights in Australia, Europe, Asia and to other destinations around the globe. So, pack up your gear and enjoy these places.


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