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History of hotel in Chelsea in New York

old hotel-chelseaSince the opening of Chelsea Hotel in New York, there have been a lot of stories with every room known specifically for its own story. The building is located on the West 23rd street which had iron balconies and an expansive staircase at the time of their first move. It was built in 1873. It was the tallest building in New York. Since then, the management of the hotel has changed a number of times for some strange and unusual stories. In the first half century, the hotel used to run as an artist’s colony. This apartment block was especially made for artisans and musicians, so as they can practice in a perfect soundproof environment.  Later, the block unfortunately became bankrupt and was turned into a hotel, the earnings usually coming from the cheap rents and kind management.

The re-discovery of Chelsea was not that pretty well. It transformed into a luxury hotel with the regular coming of guests such as Mark Twain, John Sloan. Today, the same building stands in between the suburbia of Manhattan. If we keep on researching on the various drastic changes, we will come to discover how wonderfully rich characters have passed through the doors of this hotel.

The ultra glamor of the ancient time has been kicked off by the destruction to the beautiful artistic creation over the years. It is only the main entrance that reminds of the historical and outstanding creation. The lobby resembles an art gallery with certain objects that the hotel management used to keep in the late half of the century of its construction. There is cleanliness all over the place. It is a spiritual and a legendary place inspiring endless number of people. It has always got something or the other special thing for the people to offer. It has its own story, which people describe it in own different styles. If you want to see everything, you can visit the place. Do not worry about the airfare. Mann Travel now offers cheap flights in Australia, Europe, Asia and to other destinations around the world. Back to the topic again.

The atmosphere and aura is very dominating in the hotel. It is a place of remembrance for the long lost loved ones. There is a long list of the names of people from different genres and fields who stayed here like Jackson Pollock, Brendan Behan to name a few. All the artisans and musicians encountered tragedies and comedies in one way or the other. There was hardly any artist left that was not captured by the space of this magnificent landmark. Chelsea Hotel was one the iconic and the topmost Victorian Gothic apartment houses.

After a considerable observation over many years, the landmarks preservation Commission found that this site has a specific character, environment, heritage and cultural aspects of New York City. This Victorian Gothic hotel is now registered as a refuge for the creative ones. It is only this single 10 storey building that is a reservoir of all the precious memories of the legends and also a declaration of the love towards the hotel with no selfish interests.

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