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Canadian Work Permit Formalities

Canada is one of the topmost immigration destinations in the world with more than 200,000 fly down to Canada every year on temporary work permits. Immigration is a very important decision for all those who dream to work in Canada. It is an attractive route for people to get work in Canada, especially for skilled workers.

To work in Canada on a temporary basis, firstly, foreign skilled workers must possess a temporary offer letter of employment from a Canadian employer. Secondly, he should be granted a Temporary Work Permit by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).  Depending on the foreign worker’s country of citizenship, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is required in order to enter Canada.

Time required for obtaining Canadian work visa

Processing times differ prominently depending on the visa office. They are accountable for handling your temporary work permit application. The Division of Citizenship and Immigration Canada preserves statistical information on processing times to furnish you a rough knowledge of how much time applications at different visa offices have taken in the past. As per the general guidelines, between two to six weeks are required to get the Canadian work permit.

Work Permits

The Work Permits program allots work permits to qualified foreign workers who want to work temporarily in Canada, offers information related to the application process, and issues visitor records to business visitors.

The work permits are provided by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The following categories of foreign workers do not require to be authenticated by a Human Resource Centre in Canada. It makes an application process somewhat easier:

  • Senior administrators or executives looking forward to enter Canada as intra-organization transferees.
  • Musicians and performers who have an agreement to perform shows or concerts in Canada.
  • Volunteers or unpaid workers who have been offered positions with registered Canadian religious or charitable groups.
  • Lecturers.
  • Research Scholars.
  • Cast and crew members of the film going to shoot documentaries or travel program in Canada.
  • Engineers or technicians going to administer the installation of a particular equipment sold by their company to a Canadian purchaser or going to repair or service such equipment.

Eligibility Details

Barring people who have been granted protected person status and those who are applying for refugee status, all applicants should meet the below mentioned requirements:

  • Must have a valid passport or an additional travel certificate issued by their home country.
  • Should be medically fit (obligatory to pass a medical exam).
  • Must present the proof of sufficient funds in the bank account to support their stay in Canada.
  • Show that their stay in Canada is provisional or temporary.
  • Do not possess an illegal or criminal record, nor be considered a security threat.

Other benchmarks to get a Canadian work permit

  • In most of the cases, before applying for a work permit foreign workers must have acquired a labour market opinion from their prospective employer.
  • In most of the cases, foreign workers arriving from countries that are not visa exempted must also attain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), which is generally allotted along with the work permit.

Data required:

Completely filled application form, Job offer letter from a Canadian employer, qualifications, employer references and a relevant proof from a Canadian Human Resources Center.

Financial Information

A processing fee of $150 is required for further processing of work permit applications.

Associated Information

  • The package also allots work permits to the spouses and common-law partners of work permit and study permit holders in Canada, which also allow them to work during their partner’s tenure of employment.
  • There are certain specific categories that allow foreign workers to work on a temporary basis in Canada without a work permit.
  • Individuals who are already living in (legally) in Canada as temporary residents such as visitors, students or workers and who wish to extend their stay in Canada, or alter the settings of their stay, must approach CIC for information on particular application necessities.

Contact Details for Temporary Work Permits for Canada

It is highly recommended to cross check with the visa office for your region for any specific local requirements, for extra information or if you have any query related to your application for a temporary work permit for Canada.

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