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The Paramount Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala

shutterstock_114355354Kerala can be or you can say, is known by people as an unsurpassed honeymoon destination in the world. By myriad people who have visited this place for the congruent purpose. Greenery is something that you will find all over this gorgeous place, apart from that there are certain spots wherein you can very strongly smell the love in the air, which means that they are the most amazing places for you to be with your partner, in order to express your love. Also, this is one of the places in India which cannot be compared with any other state or city for its backwaters; it is so incredible out here. Honeymooning is simply known as to be a walk in the paradise at this beautiful place.

Kerala is huge, wondering where to steer towards in order to make you honeymoon experience superlative?

Here are few of the places that will make your honeymoon extremely stunning:



Allepey is known to be the most incredible place for you to spend in your honeymoon out here, as it is considered to be really romantic when it comes to visiting places in Kerala. If you would like to compare the beauty of this place with any other, it will become really hard for you to do so. The backwaters out here are so gorgeous, that they can make you fall in love with your partner, or can enhance the existing love and passion in your relationship, that’s what most of the couples have to say about this gorgeous place.

This is one place whose serenity would wash off all your sorrows and will fill your heart with immense delight. The best sight- seeing attractions in Allepey are, Mullackal Temple, and Krishnapuram Palace.

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Munnar is a hill station and along with that is a place where painters are born. This is the place for you if you feel that the romance in your life has to be kindled. It is known to be the die hard place for all the newlyweds, and is quite famous for the romantic destinations. You can enjoy the wonderful horse rides out here and apart from that can scream your lungs out at the Echo Point,

which is one of the most common points for the tourists and newlywed couples. There are enormous tea estates out here which you will definitely like to view, and if you want to have a peaceful time then you can snuggle up at various Munnar Resorts.


This is one of the best places to be seen in Kerala, and is a mixture of beaches, churches, forts and numerous waterfalls.

If you are someone who likes to travel through the pages of history, or take a nice walk with your partner at the sun kissed beaches, then Cochin is the place where you are ordained to…!!

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